Surviving the Holidays as a Trucking Family

As the song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, but some of us may not be feeling that right about now. Being a trucker during the holidays can certainly take its toll on you and your family. Overall, this is the busiest season of the year in trucking, in family gatherings, in [...]

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Family Time: Things to do in December

Family time is important. As drivers, we need to make the most of our home time. Here are a few things you and your family might enjoy. There’s a lot of Christmas stuff but not only Christmas stuff.

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Ease Your Aches and Pains

Being a truck driver can certainly be hard on your body. Hours of sitting and lumping freight can create multiple discomforts that can be difficult to treat, especially if you don't know what to do. Appling ice or heat can help you combat and ease many of the aches and pains you develop. Here is [...]

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You are not Alone

Life on the road can be lonely. Leaving behind a spouse, children, family, friends or even your family pet can be difficult and lead to feelings of guilt, sadness, and depression. It can be difficult to identify your feelings, and even more difficult to ask for help but it’s important to know that you are [...]

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Good-bye October, Hello Movember!

Movember is here! That wonderful time of year when men hide the razors and let their facial hair grow wild, well that is if you are manly enough to grow anything besides some peach fuzz. Oh, calm down, we’re just kidding around. Movember is actually less about growing moustaches and more about raising awareness for [...]

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Family Time: Things to do in November

We’re also in the busy season for trucking. Well, the entire year has been busy, so I guess we’re still in the busy season.

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Hungarian Stew

As the fall temperatures start to creep in you can warm up with this amazing home-cooked meal. Hungarian Stew is best made at home and warmed up in the truck however you'll want to leave the sour cream out of the recipe adding it to your serving at meal time. INGREDIENTS 5 slices bacon, diced [...]

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Lunch Box Stove: Creamy Turkey Alfredo

The lunch box stove is one of those easy to store and use tools that every truck driver can benefit from having. It doesn't take up much room in the truck and you can cook pretty much anything in them. Here is a simple to make Turkey Alfredo designed for the lunchbox stove. All you [...]

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Slow Cooker Cooking for Truck Drivers

A slow cooker is a really inexpensive way to keep you eating healthy, keep your meals affordable and ensure that you can have a hot cooked meal every day. They are designed to do all the cooking for you; just set it up in the morning and leave it alone until it’s time to eat. [...]

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Driver Health: Know the signs of heatstroke

With summer finally heating up across the continent drivers are having to deal with a lot of scorching temperatures that they just simply are not used to. If you’re from Winnipeg, our average seasonal temperatures hover around 79 degrees, so heading to Florida, for example, with an average temperature of 90 degrees can definitely take [...]

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