Beat the Left Over Turkey Blues

We all love our turkey dinners, but sometimes there are so many leftovers, that the very thought of eating even one more bite can drive us to madness. Here's the good news for truckers, leftover turkey freezes well, which can give you a great jump on planning your over-the-road meals. You can reheat turkey leftovers [...]

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5 Tips for a Healthier Over-the-road Lifestyle

The very nature of the trucking job is quite sedentary and staying healthy can be a big challenge for many drivers. Driving all day, sleeping in a truck, eating at rest stops and being away from home for long periods of time can all lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Making a conscious effort to make [...]

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Two Great Slow Cooker Turkey Breast Recipes

Enjoying your favourite holiday feast over the road is possible if you have a slow cooker in the truck! If you are craving turkey, check out these two easy to make recipes that will fill your truck with the scent of the holidays. CLASSIC TURKEY BREAST INGREDIENTS 1 bone-in turkey breast (6 to 7 pounds), [...]

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Family Time: Things to do in November

Everyone knows that family time is important - especially when you are away from home for long periods of time. This November there are tons of events and activities for you and your family to enjoy and make lasting memories. Tiny Treasures Date: November 8 & 17 Location: Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Winnipeg Grab [...]

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Movember is all about Men’s Health

Whether or not you are committed to growing facial hair this month or not, I think we can all agree that helping spread the word about men's health is important. Over the years, we have written quite a few articles about men's health, and more specifically, truck driver health because we want our fleet to [...]

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Movember is Back!

Movember is back and ready to grow out. Are you? When you hear the word "Movember" you probably think about throwing away your razors for the month, but it is much, much more than that. Movember is an organization that brings awareness and fights against men's health problems (prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and [...]

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5 Great Resources for Men’s Health

Staying on top of health-related information and knowing what you should, and shouldn't be doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there. Finding information that works best for you when it comes to your lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, stress management and mental health, is much easier when you [...]

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5 Tips to Keep Your Sanity when You’re Married to a Trucker

Being married to a trucker can certainly take its toll on your sanity. When you're new to the industry, it seems like every hiccup in the road is a crisis. Even if your a seasoned trucking spouse, there are times when even the simplest of problems can turn into a complete code red. It doesn't [...]

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Family Time: Things to do in July

Family time is important and it's hard to make room for it - especially when you are a truck driving. In your downtime, checks out these events that will create long lasting memories for you and your family. Canada Day at Assiniboine Park Date: July 1 Location: Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg Join the Lyric Theatre at [...]

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