Let’s celebrate the last blog article of the year with a wrap up of all your favorite articles of the year.


You’re Not Just a Number

You can be sure that no matter what trucking company you’re driving for they know your statistics. Dispatch knows how hard you run; they know how many miles you’ve gone for the month, even the year. Safety Services knows how … Continue reading →


Trucking Trip Planning – Save Money on Fuel

One of the keys to success in trucking is controlling operating costs. Trucking is a low margin industry and finding creative ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs is essential to our continued growth. Fuel is a large operating cost … Continue reading →


Pre-Trip Inspection: What to look at on the Tractor and Trailer

If you’ve been following our blog then you’ll know that we’ve been going over the various aspects of a pre-trip inspection. Your pre-trip is a very important part of your daily routine. Completing a proper inspection will ensure that your … Continue reading →


The not so well Known Benefits of Trucking

As the exports of resources and the imports of manufactured goods in North America continue to rise, so too does demand for the trucking industry. The trucking lifestyle can be exciting and interesting. One thing, besides the lucrative pay scale, … Continue reading →


Why Owner Operators Stay with Len Dubois Trucking

As an owner operator in Winnipeg, Manitoba, you have some tough decisions to make about how you run your business. Among these decisions is finding the right company to partner with. From the outside looking in many trucking companies appear … Continue reading → 


Successful Owner Operators Know Speed Kills… Your Profit

It takes proper planning and understanding of where your profit is in order to make money in the trucking industry. Len Dubois Trucking is a great partner and we have opportunities for hard working owner operators and drivers. To make … Continue reading →


Sharing the Roadways: Things Passenger Vehicles need to Know about Semi Trucks

Safety is number one at Len Dubois Trucking. If you like this safe driving article, share it with a friend. There has always been a lot of controversy about the hours of service and safe driving practices for truck drivers. … Continue reading →


The Ups and Downs of Driver Pay and how to Make it Through

Driver pay is based on miles. The more you run, the more you make. It’s that simple. Unfortunately the trucking industry operates in highs and lows, its driving force, the health of the economy. There are two old saying that all truck drivers … Continue reading →


National Trucking Week: That’s a wrap folks

 It has been a busy week here at Len Dubois Trucking as we celebrated National Trucking Week.  Here’s a quick recap of what’s happened. … Continue reading →


Please Avoid Our Blind Spots

Professional truck drivers take a lot of care when they’re on the roads to help keep other motorists safe. A large part of the problem that many truck drivers face each day is a lack of education of motorists on the road. One very dangerous … Continue reading →


Movember: Men’s Health Awareness: Signs of a Heart Attack

It is important to know the signs of a heart attack and what to do if you are experiencing any of they symptoms. This is not something to take lightly, thousands of people across North America die each year because … Continue reading →


Two Restart Provisions Officially, and Temporarily, Rolled Back

It’s official. The rules requiring two consecutive periods of time between 1-5am and the rule limiting only one restart per week, which were part of the American HOS rule changes in 2013, have now been suspended. The changes were part of … Continue reading →

We have had another great year due to the hard work and dedication of our fleet and staff. Thank you and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!