If you’ve been following our blog then you’ll know that we’ve been going over the various aspects of a pre-trip inspection. Your pre-trip is a very important part of your daily routine. Completing a proper inspection will ensure that your equipment is in good working order before you start your day. In this, our third and final post, we’ll go over everything that you should be checking outside of the tractor and trailer.

Fuel Tank

  • Secure to frame with at least 2 metal bands with rubber backing. Ensure no visible damage and not cracked or leaking.

Battery Box

No visible signs of damage.

  • Batteries – Secured with no visible damage or signs of leaking. Wires and connectors nor corroded of damaged.

Catwalk and Steps

  • No visible damage and properly secured.

Drive Shafts

  • Secure, straight, no visible damage
  • U-joints – Secure with no visible damage.

Air and Electrical Lines

  • Air lines – No visible damage or leaking. Lines are to drag on catwalk.
  • Glad hands – Check seals are in good condition. Ensure they are properly hooked up and won’t disconnect.
  • Electrical line – No visible damage. Locked and secured into trailer outlet.

Suspension on Tractor & Trailer

  • U-bolts– Secured & no visible damage
  • Shocks – No visible damage.
  • Air bags – No damage or leaks. Ensure they are inflated.
  • Springs- No cracks, broken bolts, or other damage.

Brakes on Tractor & Trailer

  • Brake shoes – No visible damage or debris.
  • Brake drum – No cracks or visible damage.
  • Air lines – No leaks or damage.
  • Brake chamber – No visible damage.
  • Push rod & slack adjuster – No visible damage.

Tires & Rims on Tractor & Trailer

  • Check for unusual wear and damage. Tread depth should be at least 2/32 inch.
  • Valve stem – Secure, straight, not cracked, bent, broken or leaking. All valve caps are present and tight. A good rule of thumb is tire pressure should be around 100 psi at 70 degrees F.
  • Rim – No visible damage.
  • Lug nuts – All there and no visible cracks or damage.
  • Hub – No visible damage or leaks. Ensure lube is at proper level.

Mud Flaps on Tractor & Trailer

  • No damage or tares. None missing.


  • Landing gear & pads – No visible damage.
  • Handle is secured.
  • Cross members – No visible damage.
  • Marking lamps – None missing, broken or burnt out.
  • Doors – No excessive damage. Check hinges and seals are in good condition. Handles are secured.
  • D.O.T. bumper – No excessive damage or wear. Check reflective tape is in good condition.
  • License plate – Secured and not obstructed. Clean enough to read.
  • License plate light – In working condition.
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