As an owner operator in Winnipeg, Manitoba, you have some tough decisions to make about how you run your business. Among these decisions is finding the right company to partner with. From the outside looking in many trucking companies appear to be the same. They pay the same rates, run the same lanes and make the same promises.

We recently conducted some surveys with our employees and Owner Operator partners. These are some of the things they had to say:

“I have been treated well and have made above average money.”

“They truly strive to make sure we have a good balance between work and home life.”

“I’ve never worked for a better company.”

“They make you feel valued and taken care of.”

“The driver’s families are important to this company!”

We’d like to thank our team for their kind words, continued support and dedication to Len Dubois Trucking.

 Join our team today and discover for yourself why Owner Operators stay with Len Dubois Trucking.