Infographic created by Driver Solutions

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There has always been a lot of controversy about the hours of service and safe driving practices for truck drivers. This has led to many regulations, laws, and practices that professional truck driver’s are required to meet each day they are out on the road. Professional truck drivers know how quickly things can turn ugly on the road, they’ve seen more than their fair share of accidents.

At Len Dubois Trucking we know that our drivers’ abide by these rules and regulations and that our drivers’ take pride in performing their jobs safely. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, even to the most trained, well rested professionals.

Every year there are over 400,000 accidents that involve semi and passenger vehicles. Of those accidents over 80% are caused by passenger vehicles. It is important for all motorists to know how a tractor and trailer operates on the road. They are bigger and take up more space, they need more room to manoeuvre, they have more blind spots, and they take more time to stop.

With the summer vacation season just beginning the Len Dubois Trucking fleet wants to make sure that everyone arrives at their destination safely. There have been great strides made in recent years on educating the public about tractor trailers on the roadways. Driver Solutions has developed a great infographic that depicts 10 tips for sharing the road with trucks.

It is packed with useful information that will educate passenger vehicles on how tractor trailers manoeuvre, the space they need and how to operate a vehicle around them.

Public education is key in reducing the amount of passenger/commercial vehicle accidents, so share it with your friends and family and encourage them to develop a better understanding of semi trucks on the roadways.