As the exports of resources and the imports of manufactured goods in North America continue to rise, so too does demand for the trucking industry. The trucking lifestyle can be exciting and interesting.

One thing, besides the lucrative pay scale, that makes trucking so appealing to many people is the fact that the job is challenging, demanding, and rewarding. Being a truck driver is more than waking up, driving, picking up freight, driving, delivering, and driving. No run is the same.

Each day offers a new challenge. Getting stuck in bad weather, dealing with shipping delays, language barriers or unfamiliar routes can change the way you get your job done. One thing for certain, truck drivers do not deal with daily mundane, repetitive tasks. The job is always changing and no two circumstances are the same.

Truck drivers often travel to interesting places and see parts of Canada and the United States that they wouldn’t otherwise see. Truck drivers see beautiful sites and visit wonderful cities all of the time. While there may not always be a chance to stop and explore, if you plan your schedule you can make accommodations to visit and take in the sites.

Commercial truck drivers contribute to the economic wealth of the country. There’s an old adage in this industry, “if you bought it, a truck brought it”. Without trucking and truck drivers many products and goods wouldn’t reach their final destination. This simple fact generates demand for quality drivers and provides long term security for those who are responsible, dedicated professionals.

Trucking requires many skills. People who are responsible, detail oriented, have good communication skills, the ability to organize; are honest, friendly, independent and are mentally tough will find great career opportunities in this industry.

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