Family Time: Things to do in February

Being on the road away from your family is hard and stressful. Relax with your family and have some fun at these family-friendly events! Heritage Day Date: February 2, 2019 Location: St. Norbert Community Centre, Winnipeg Heritage Day will be held at St. Norbert Community Centre, located at 3450 Pembina Hwy. They will start off at [...]

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Family Time – Things to do in January

The new year brings plenty of things to do with the family!

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Make a Plan to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

Even if you’re not the “make a New Year’s Resolution” type – you have things you want to achieve this year. The first step to reaching your goals is to define them, and then, make a plan.

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Family Time: Things to do in December

Getting together with family and friends over the holiday season can certainly feel like a chore to many truck drivers. Shift your Bah Humbug feelings into some Holiday Cheer by getting your family together at one of these great events. You won't have to do any prep work or clean up and these events can [...]

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Have you Considered a Career in Trucking

The trucking industry provides a robust and secure career path for just about anyone who can put themselves through the training to obtain a Class 1 license. In the grand scheme of professional careers, the training is relatively short-lived with approximately 244 hours of schooling and an investment of between $9,000 and $12,000. You become a [...]

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Drivers Can Easily Save Money Over the Road

Life on the road shouldn’t eat into your wallet more than it needs to. After all, you work hard and sacrifice a lot to get the job done, so why should your lifestyle eat into your hard-earned dollars?

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Family Things To Do in October

Family time is important and in trucking, it’s important not to waste your time in. Here are a few things we found for a good time with the family.

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Much Love & Appreciation for Our Trucking Families

Being part of a trucking family is a lot of work, we all know that. And we'd just like to say thank you to the real backbone of this industry. It is with the love an support, dedication, and abilities of a trucker's family, that allows truckers across the country to carry out their daily tasks and make a career in this industry.

Family Time: Things to do in September

School is almost back in session, bringing back the additional complication of getting in some good quality time with your family while you are home. Unfortunately, weekends are not really a part of our lifestyle, and while we're not officially condoning teaching your kids how to play hookie; sometimes a trucker as to do what [...]

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Family Time: Things to do in August

Forget the headaches of hosting a get-together, and head out to one of these great events instead! Getting together with your entire gang of family and friends will definitely help you forget the stresses of trucking, help you rejuvenate your spirit, and make some great memories! Folklorama August 5 to 18 Folklorama is the largest and [...]

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