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Social media has been a fact of most people’s lives for some time now. It’s a tool that is great for finding news, connecting with people, and finding entertainment. Social media can also harm your driving career when used incorrectly.

How Driver Can use Social Media

Social media is a great tool for truck drivers to stay connected to family and friends. It’s a way to stay connected with home. And since there are more social networks than ever, we can choose how we communicate, as each platform functions differently.

Facebook is the favorite for truck drivers, with 63% of drivers saying they use the platform according to a Truckers News poll.

Benefits of Social Media in Trucking

Social media is an effective tool to share day-to-day life on the road. People love pictures and videos. Truck drivers see plenty of nifty things. Sharing those experiences is fun and can earn a sizable audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Social is a great way to network with other drivers. There are plenty of Facebook groups and YouTube channels by, and for, truckers. These are great to discuss the trucking industry and share information.

The Risks of Social Media in Trucking

Yes, social media is beneficial when used correctly; it can also be a nightmare when used incorrectly.

What you post on social media matters. Posts that demonstrate a poor attitude can make finding another job difficult when you’re looking for a change. This isn’t unique to trucking. It’s common practice for companies in almost all industries to look at applicant’s online footprints. A poor attitude displayed on your social can turn recruiters off.

Drivers can lose their jobs too. Posting dangerous or illegal actions can force a trucking company to discipline or dismiss a driver. There are serious liability issues if there’s an accident. Lawyers will look for and find online content to use against trucking companies and their drivers. Posting yourself doing something dangerous or illegal can be used, not only, against you but also against the company – even if you’re not involved.

Drivers can also find themselves in hot water for posting negatively about shippers or receivers. Leave names and logos out of posts if you feel the need to share a bad experience. How do you think any trucking company would react to losing a client because a driver posted negatively?

Tips for Truck Drivers on Social Media

Social media can be fun, useful, and informative. You can even turn it into a hobby, especially if you theme a social channel or start a YouTube channel. It can also be a dumpster fire of negativity. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts.


Post pictures – People love taking pictures and love looking at pictures. Chose what you like to photograph and theme a social channel or start a group or YouTube channel around it.

Keep it Positive – Much of social media is a mixture of negativity and weird conspiracy theories. But that doesn’t mean you need to be that or participate in it.

Show trucking in a positive light– Yes there are parts of the job that we don’t like. And we all have bad days. Just remember the cool things about the Job and what drew you to the job in the first case.


Don’t Waste Time – Social media will waste your time if you let it. It’s so easy to go down rabbit holes, especially on YouTube.

Don’t Post Irresponsible Things – Showing yourself doing something dangerous or irresponsible can have legal repercussions. It also looks bad to your superiors, collegues, and driver recruiters.

Several years back I was following a driver on YouTube who was going through trucking school. He was documenting his journey to becoming a professional driver. After he got his CDL, he posted a video of a party he had with his friends to celebrate. And he was pretty intoxicated.

While there was nothing illegal in the video, it didn’t portray him in the best light. The issue with posting a video where he was intoxicated is that the video is something that a driver recruiter will probably find. He’s new to the industry which will limit his options when looking for a job. Recruiters know very little about the applicants they are looking at hiring. A single video will have an oversized impact on their opinion about who he is – because they don’t know him. Posting that video will have many recruiters question his decision-making. Not his decision to celebrate, but his decision to post that video publically. And driver recruiters at good companies do not want drivers who make poor decisions. Does that video encapsulate who he is? No. Is it fair? Nope, it isn’t. But that’s reality.

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