Men’s Health Awareness Month

Movember is celebrating its 16th year of focusing on men's health with the aid of mustaches around the globe. In 2003, 30 Mo Bros started their journey of men's health awareness. Now there are over 5 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas changing the face of Men's Health. Movember is all about creating awareness, whether [...]

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A Driver’s Job is Full of Aches and Pains

Life behind the wheel can certainly take its toll on the body, especially as you age. If you have been over the road for a number of years, you've probably already noticed the extra creeks and cracks emanating from your joints, not to mention the daily possibility of injury from loading or unloading freight. Over [...]

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Driving can be a Real Pain in the Neck

A stiff neck is generally the result of muscles weakening over time from poor posture or misuse. Driving for long periods of time, coupled with poor posture, can cause the muscles around the neck joints to tire and become overstretched. What’s Really Happening with Your Neck When your neck muscles are weak, and you try [...]

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Hey Driver, You Need to Sit Up Straight

Driving for long periods of time creates a significant amount of strain and stress to the muscles in your neck, lower back and upper back. A lot of this strain can be alleviated by having proper posture while driving. Yup, that’s right, sit up straight, no slouching behind the wheel! Bad posture while driving can [...]

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