The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has developed and released a series of Coronavirus Covid-19 tip sheets for high-risk occupations and essential services and industries. You can download the Transportation Tip Sheet here.

The recommendations stress the importance of social distancing, following safe workplace procedures, stay at home/self isolate if you feel sick, and avoid sharing PPE and safety equipment.

Staying healthy means paying attention to details. Wash your hands and keep hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes in your truck. Limiting exposure to high traffic areas such as driver lounges and truck stops is a good idea.

The tip sheet also suggests contacting shippers and receivers ahead of time. While we should be doing this as a regular part of our job – ask for any safety procedures that drivers are required to follow. Communication is important in trucking and it is more important now more than ever.

We all need to do our part to limit the spread of Coronavirus. Take steps where possible to decrease your chance of exposure and follow cleaning guidelines to decrease the chance of contracting or spreading the virus. Report if you are feeling sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19. The Province of Manitoba has an online screening tool – here – if you suspect you may have symptoms. It’s a good practice to use that tool regularly and before you come home from a trip.

Drivers should contact your safety department with questions or concerns.