Great News: New Wage Increase for Len Dubois Drivers

Len Dubois Trucking is excited to announce an upgraded PayScale that will put more money in your pockets. This revised Pay Scale is in recognition of the hard work and dedication of our driving fleet. It will also allow Len Dubois Trucking to remain competitive in the market and stay ahead of the curve. Base [...]

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Trucking News Round Up

There is never a dull moment in the trucking industry. Here are a few things that you should check out if you haven't already. Researchers Developing Drowsy Driving Blood Test A recent study conducted at The Sleep Research Centre at the University of Surrey in England identified a subset of 68 genes in blood samples [...]

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The Grass is Greener at Len Dubois Trucking

Last week, Len Dubois Trucking celebrated National Trucking Week with its fleet of drivers, office staff, and our extended families made up of the wives, husbands, and children of our drivers. It was also time to celebrate the exemplary dedication of 11 Company Drivers and Owner Operators who have driven over 1 Million miles, with [...]

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Much Love & Appreciation for Our Trucking Families

Being part of a trucking family is a lot of work, we all know that. And we'd just like to say thank you to the real backbone of this industry. It is with the love an support, dedication, and abilities of a trucker's family, that allows truckers across the country to carry out their daily tasks and make a career in this industry.

Thank You to our Support Team

Generally, when we think of trucking, we think of trucks and drivers. Little thought is given to everyone else in the industry. Trucking is a team effort and there are many people behind the scenes that help ensure the continued success and operations of not only Len Dubois Trucking, but of the entire industry. With [...]

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Thank You to the Len Dubois Trucking Fleet

It is National Trucking Week, and while we are always grateful for the hard work and dedication our team displays on a daily basis, we'd like to take a few minutes to let everyone know just how much we appreciate you! This has been a year for the record books, and while it's not over yet, [...]

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Celebrating Our Truckers: National Trucking Week 2018

It’s National Trucking Week, a week-long celebration to recognize the important contributions made by the over 400,000 men and women who keep our country’s economy rolling and our store shelves stocked. Tons of associations will be out celebrating at truck stops and weigh stations across Canada and the U.S. Events Coming to a Location Near [...]

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