Whether you’re a company driver in your first year or a seasoned Owner/Operator, your ability to balance your home life with the demands of a job that requires you to spend a great deal of time away is key to your personal and professional success.

Most of the people you will meet in the world know very little about the trucking industry, and even less about the demands it places individual drivers.  If you happen to be married to a person who falls into this category, you need to find a way to help them understand exactly what it’s like to be on the road.

Resentment can be a problem – an over the road trucker spends a lot of time away from home, and can often feel jealous of the relationships that the person who stays at home forms with family and friends, simply because they themselves aren’t available to form these bonds.  The partner who stays at home can resent the fact that they are left with the responsibility of caring for the home and family by themselves for long periods of time.
There are other stresses unique to trucking families, too, but none more difficult to deal with than long days or weeks apart.


It is absolutely imperative that both partners understand exactly what they can expect from a career in trucking.  You both need to be up front about your feelings, and don’t let feelings of resentment build.  Both people need to respect the emotional state of their partners, and in extreme cases, consider another career.  An unstable homelife leads to all manner of trouble for over the road truckers, including health problems, depression, and divorce.

Sometimes something as simple as a change of employer can make the difference for a family.  Some trucking companies are more accommodating than others when it comes to scheduling regular home time for families.  At Len Dubois Trucking, we recognize the importance of a driver’s home life, and know firsthand that a successful relationship with our employees requires our respect. We also welcome husband/wife driving teams because we know that for many couples there are advantages in taking on the road together.  Whatever your situation, make sure that you are working with and for professionals who also take you personal situation into account.
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