The snow has fallen over Winnipeg once again, a stark reminder that winter is here and here to stay.

For most Winnipeggers, even the heartiest souls who will brave temperatures well below zero (Celsius or Fahrenheit), this means that hibernation-like activities become the norm quickly; but before we go into that time of regression into our humble abodes or take flight to warmer climates, we take the time to brave the temperatures and enjoy the true wonder of the holiday season.

Whether you’re in the downtown area, the suburbs or just about anywhere else in the city, you’ll see all the signs of festiveness and goodwill. Lights adorn houses and trees, there’s a spring in everyone’s step and the hustle and bustle – even in our malls as we clamour for that last-minute gift – is just a little lest hectic.

The same scene plays out all across North America. From Miami, Manitoba to Miami, Florida and every Springfield in between (28 of them to be exact), the scene plays over and over; yet each is unique. Every metropolis, city and town has a unique aspect. While the lights may come from the same plant and schemata be similar, but there’s always a unique aspect to each town.

In this way, we’re fortunate to be in this, the trucking industry. Life on the road gives our company drivers and owner/operators the unique experience of being able to see the holiday spirit expressed in so many different forms. It truly makes you appreciate the career you have.

From all of us to all of you, we wish you all the best in the holiday season.