2022 National Trucking Week Begins Sunday

The National Trucking Week annual campaign began in the late 90s by the Canadian Trucking Alliance as a way to embrace the trucking industry

5 Facts About Canadian Trucking [INFOGRAPHIC]

Canada's trucking industry moves over 225 billion tonne-kilometers of freight intra-provincially, and over 10 million trucks are involved with trade with the US. From fuel to manufacturing to consumer goods and food - our day-to-day lives depend on the dedicated professionals in transportation and logistics.

Trucking News Round Up! Things You Should Know

Trucking is fast paced and if you blink you will miss something. We keep an eye on industry news and these are the things we thought were important and you should know.

Where to park if you don’t want to stay overnight near the Mexican Border

On occasion, we’ve heard from a few drivers who don’t like parking overnight in or near border towns if it can be avoided. It’s not universal as lots of drivers don’t have a problem parking there overnight – there are several large truck stops in each of those towns.

Summer Trucking Tips You Can’t Ignore

Summer Tips for Truck Drivers Finally. Summer has begun. Well, some mountain highways haven't received the memo about summer but in most areas we are in warmer hands. Summer brings it's own set of challenges for truckers. Severe weather, construction, increases in traffic, odd traffic patterns and heat to name a few. It's important to [...]

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Jake Brakes for New Drivers

What Does A Jake Brake Do? A jake brake changes the timing of the engine and turns it into a power absorber by opening the exhaust valve at the end of the compression stroke. You start to use the motor to retard the speed of the truck. When to Use Your Jake Brake You can [...]

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New Driver Testimonial Video – Drive with a Trucking Company Who Values You!

See what drivers are saying about one of Winnipeg’s best trucking companies. Len Dubois Trucking recently sat down with some of their driving team to ask them what they thought about the company. Find out what they had to say in this video. Drive for a company that values you. Drive for Len Dubois Trucking [...]

Why Your Husband Should Drive for Len Dubois Trucking

Submitted by Cindy Derricks I’ll be brief. Your husband should work for Len Dubois Trucking simply because they are the best trucking company in Winnipeg. Okay, so that was the short answer. If you don’t believe me then here’s the long winded explanation. Nearly 13 years ago Jeremy passed his test and came home with [...]

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