Trucking FactsImportance of Canadian Trucking

I’m not exaggerating by saying that the trucking industry is one of the most important industries not only to the Canadian economy but to every Canadian. Trucking is up there with the agriculture industry and finance in respect to its importance to the Canadian economy and Canadians’ day-to-day lives. “If you bought it, a truck brought it,” is the ‘ol saying.

Canada’s trucking industry moves over 225 billion tonne-kilometers of freight intra-provincially, and over 10 million trucks are involved in trade with the US. From fuel to manufacturing to consumer goods and food – our day-to-day lives depend on dedicated professionals in transportation and logistics.

Trucking in Our Supply Chain

Trucking plays a unique role in the North American supply chain. Just-in-time (JIT) freight, which trucking specializes in, allows for efficient warehousing and inventory controls that reduce costs and risks. JIT allows for better use of data for inventory controls, lower costs, and warehouse efficiency.

Quick Facts

  • Manitoba is 3% of the Canadian population while the Manitoba trucking industry represents 5.1% of the Canadian industry.
  • Over ten million trucks cross the Canadian/US border annually.
  • 90% of consumer goods and foodstuffs are shipped by truck.
  • 2/3 of trade with the US is shipped by truck. That’s more than rail, sea, and air combined.
  • The trucking industry directly & indirectly employs 4.6 of Manitoba’s labor force.
  • A typical tractor/trailer raises about $45,000 in federal & provincial taxes and fees.

Sources for stats – the Manitoba Trucking Association and the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

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