Last month we took one of our shiny new Volvos out for a spin through the streets of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Though not under a load this time, 149 worked hard sporting off one of our new trailers complete with a newly installed wind deflector.

Starting off at the Len Dubois Trucking Yard in Winnipeg, Manitoba

We headed down to York Ave in Winnipeg

We continued through the streets of Winnipeg from York Ave to Waterfront Drive.

Here we are on the Provencher Bridge. Isn't the truck beautiful with the bridge and the Museum of Human Rights in the background?

Stopped at the lights on the corner of Provencher and Tache.

We swung back around and captured a few shots outside of the Museum of Human Rights

Next up, the heart of Winnipeg, Portage and Main

A quick jaunt down Portage Avenue to get to Notre Dame

We hit the open road. Okay, so it's the Perimeter Highway around Winnipeg, but it's as far as we could go in our allotted time.

A quick spin up the ramp to get to Brookside Blvd and back into Winnipeg

Time for a close up. Look how shiny our truck is in the beautiful Winnipeg sunshine!

Hanging out at Beaver Truck Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba

We spent some time hanging out in the lot of Beaver Truck Center

Another close up. Look how tough our Volvo Truck looks.

Last, but not least, our shiny new Volvo poses underneath the best Volvo sign in Winnipeg at Beaver Truck Center

 Hey, if you want to get into one of our shiny new Volvos give us a call, or check out more of our site to see what opportunities Len Dubois Trucking has to offer.