You wake up, grab some go-go juice, get your comic book in order, and hit the super slab. 10 miles down the road you pay the cash box and continue down I90. 2 hours into your day you start getting a little board so you put your ears on. As you continue to drive you notice gator guts on the road and safely change lanes to avoid running them over. You make a quick stop at the chicken coop in Beliot and carry on through to Madison where you stop at the TA for the night.

Cash Box or Cash Register – A toll booth or toll plaza.

Chicken coop – A weigh station

Coloring Book or Comic Book – A trucker’s log book

Ears – CB radio

Gator Guts – smaller pieces of shredded tire

Go-go juice or Motion Lotion or Pusholine – Fuel

Super Slab – A multi-lane highway

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