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Anti-idling regulations are just one small part of the overall big picture to reduce emission. In the past 20 years, anti-idling regulations have become mainstream and, for the most part, well known and adopted. It doesn?t matter if you are an avid environmentalist, a general supporter, or


The trucking industry is male dominated but it certainly isn?t a man?s world. We?re not saying that the backward thinking, male dominant chauvinism doesn?t exist in the trucking industry because if you look, you will find it, just as you will find it in any industry.
Being an Owner Operator can be a highly rewarding and very successful career, that is if you do it right. We?ve worked with a lot of very successful Owner Operators over the years, and they all have a few things in common. #1 They Manage Their Money
Being a company driver can be a rewarding and successful career without the additional headaches and stressors of becoming an Owner Operator. Over the years we have worked with many drivers who have chosen life on the road as a company driver. Successful, professional company drivers
Having too Much Confidence May Be Your Downfall
Confidence is an essential quality for truck drivers to possess. Could you imagine carrying down the road for years on the shaky knees you had when you were a rookie? No, probably not. Finding your confidence on the road as a truck driver is discovering your
It?s kind of funny to think about, but image in the trucking industry is very important. In the grand scheme of things, considering all the tasks and responsibilities that fall upon a professional truck driver, you would think that image is the last thing that would
We do an awful lot of writing about how to get a job in the trucking industry and how, now especially, the demand for professional drivers is higher than we have seen in over a decade. And yet, there seem to many drivers out there that
We have shared many recipes over the years to help drivers prepare wonderful, not always healthy, home cooked meals in the truck to help them find the balance in their diet. What it really boils down to is having the right appliances in the truck to
As a company driver, you know that you have the education and the skills to get the job done, but being an Owner Operator is a whole new ballgame. Before you set your sights on purchasing your own truck, you should undergo a personal assessment that
Every day, hundreds of new truckers hit the highways to start their new careers. It’s wonderful and freeing yet daunting and so very different than anything you experienced in driving school. Don’t worry, every new driver goes through this. It takes thousands of miles before you’ll even
Trip Planning is Trucking Being late for an appointment sucks! It?s even worse when it?s preventable. Proper trip planning is an essential part of being a professional truck driver. When you?re dispatched on a load you need to know realistically how long you need
The province of Manitoba is enacting new stiffer penalties for drivers using handheld devices while driving on November 1, 2018. Most jurisdictions have been increasing penalties for the past decade. These new penalties are a big jump to improve the safety of our roads. The new changes
Free Apps for Truckers The advancement of smartphones is one of the best things that has happened to trucking! There?s now so much information at our fingertips it?s hard to imagine we did our jobs without them. There are a lot of apps out there that