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Summer is the perfect opportunity to connect with your kids by taking them on a ride along.

Summer holidays are just around the corner! For those of us with kids, this often means summer road trips and vacations, and for drivers with kids – ride alongs! Traveling with children can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you get to

Truck drivers have to make a lot of sacrifices, but one of them doesn’t have to be your family!

Trucking isn’t traditionally thought of as family friendly, yet many drivers get into trucking because they can earn a pretty good living that provides well for their family. If you are a trucker with a spouse and kids, then you know exactly what we are saying. How

Driver safety and the safety of everyone on the roadways is important!

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month and well we all know we shouldn’t text or use our cell phones while we are driving, there may be a bigger culprit in our midst. When we think of distracted driving, talking on cell phones and texting

Len Dubois focuses on building a family-friendly, driver first company culture!

Guest Post by Cindy Derricks, wife of a company driver My husband just celebrated his 18th Anniversary with Len Dubois Trucking. The reminder of this date got us talking and reminiscing about how we entered the trucking industry and how we have built our lives around it. If

Drivers need to take care of themselves – knowing some of the common ailments drivers face is the first step to prevention.

Sitting behind the wheel of a big rig for extended periods of time, developing poor eating habits over the road, and difficult sleeping accommodations are often the cause of many ailments that affect truck drivers around the world. 5 Common Heath Issues We’ve put together some information on