Mountain Driving Tips

It’s easy to have a love-hate relationship with mountain driving. Most drivers love the beautiful scenery and the change from driving on a flat highway that looks the same mile after mile. It’s also kind of nice to hit flat topography after several straight days in the mountains.

A Few Things They Don’t Teach in Trucking School

To be honest, most of the skills truck drivers learn is learned on the job. That first year as a truck driver is tough as you really find out quickly how much more there is to being a truck driver other than driving.

Ways to Save your Money While on the Road

It’s time to tighten up your purse strings. Have you been wondering where on earth does all your hard-earned money go? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. You work hard for your money and make more sacrifices than the average workforce (along with your family), so it’s safe to say that you deserve to [...]

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Truckers should be winter ready

It's important drivers are prepared. Inclement weather can easily shut you down in an area without services for truckers. Severe storms can strand you without services for days.

Safety Doesn’t End with Operation Safe Driver Week 2020

As Operation Safe Driver wraps up it's important to remember that our focus on safety is more than a week-long enforcement blitz. Safety is our primary focus all the time.

What it takes to be a successful owner operator

It’s a tough business but owning your own truck can be a great move forward in your trucking career. Truck ownership has plenty of financial potential. Plus, there’s nothing like the freedom of entrepreneurship.

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Why truckers are safest drivers on the road

There are reasons why professional drivers can log that many miles safely. The trucking industry is more safety-focused now more than ever. The entire culture has changed to safety and compliance over the past few decades. That trend continues with trucking associations, trucking companies, and truck drivers prioritizing safety.

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