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Ask any experienced professional truck driver whether they were ready for life on the road when they completed driver training, and you’ll almost always get a resounding ‘No.’ Trucking schools prepare drivers to operate the vehicle and pass a driving test.

And to be fair, no one can teach you how to be a truck driver in a 3–6-week training course because truck drivers do a lot more than just drive a truck. We face challenges every day and every load we take is unique. Even the most seasoned driver faces new situations and learns new things constantly.

To be honest, most of the skills truck drivers learn is learned on the job. That first year as a truck driver is tough as you really find out quickly how much more there is to being a truck driver other than driving.

Things They Don’t Teach in Trucking Schools

Proper load securement – Securing your load is essential to operating safely. Unsecured loads not only can damage fright but poorly secured loads can interfere with the safe operation of your vehicle and cause injury to yourself and others during unloading.

Unfortunately, load securement is often overlooked by even experienced drivers who should know better.

Hazards & Dangers – Driving schools teach safe driving and prepare drivers for hazards on the roadways.

We all know driving is a dangerous activity but truck drivers face other hazards too.

Loading and unloading, truck stops (especially at night), parking in unsafe paces, cargo theft, and intentional crashes as part of insurance fraud schemes are common dangers truckers face regularly.

Interpersonal skills – People in the trucking industry can often cause their own problems because they lack communication skills. We all know the stereotypes of drivers being ill-tempered or dispatchers being unreasonable and demanding. While people like that certainly exist in this industry, they exist in every industry. Most people in trucking are hard working professionals who want to do the best they can.

Poor communication can make stressful situations worse. It’s important that drivers attempt to develop healthy relationships with their dispatchers and load managers, and that dispatchers and load managers try to develop relationships with their drivers. This job goes so much smoother when everyone is on the same side.

Earn a Good Living with Len Dubois

We are able to ensure good miles and home time with regular Winnipeg-based clients, regular lanes and long-term clients. Our experienced team of dispatchers works hard to ensure that your time off and resets are taken at home, not on the road. For drivers, this equals above-average pay and the ability to enjoy a life outside of the truck.

Ask John About the $1000 Sign-On Bonus for Company Drivers and $2000 Sign-On Bonus for Owner Operator’s

  • Must have 2 years OTR experience
  • Must be able to cross the U.S border
  • 80% U.S miles
  • Must have a positive attitude about safety & compliance

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