Trucking’s Reputation

Don’t believe everything you hear. Between misconceptions and, well, the bad apples out there, the trucking industry can have a less than ideal reputation but the perception of trucking has recently received a boost. Truckers have been essential throughout the covid-19 crisis.

While due appreciation for truckers is a great thing, there have been too many myths & misconceptions about truckers for far too long. So let’s debunk some of those myths and set the record straight.

Myth #1 – Truckers Don’t Make Much Money

First off, yes, it would be great if truck drivers made more money. It’s a tough job. And it’s safe to say everyone feels that they should get raise, regardless of their profession.

Professional truck drivers earn well over the Canadian average in normal times, and a company driver pulling dry van, can earn between $65k – $70k. Owner operator’s can earn much more. It’s a tough job but there is a lot of earning potential.

Myth #2 – Truckers Are About To Be Replaced by Autonomous Trucks

Autonomous technology is developing at a fast pace. It holds a lot of promise to improve safety & efficiency. But it’s nowhere close to replacing professional drivers.

We have seen safety improvements come from the autonomous tech. The trucking industry will continue to benefit from the new safety features and driver assist technology.

Myth #3 – Trucking is a “Mans Job”

There’s opportunities in trucking for woman in & out of the truck. Trucking isn’t a “mans world” anymore and the industry has benefitted from attracting more woman. While only about 6% of drivers are woman, the trucking industry continues to evolve and change, making it more welcoming for all.

Myth #4 – Truck Drivers Are Not Safe

Statistically, professional truck drivers are the safest on the road. Trucking is heavily regulated, both the equipment & drivers are inspected regularly and are held to a high standard. Remember that the average over-the-road truck driver drives over 120,0000 miles per year. Most of our drivers will do those miles without a single infraction. That’s not to say there isn’t room for improvement when it comes to safety. Making trucking and our roads safer is a constant challenge.

Myth #5 – Truck Drivers Are Never Home

Over-the-road truck drivers do spend a lot of time away. But trucking companies have put a lot of effort into making the work/life balance more favorable and our drivers get home every 6-8 days. That is a lot of time away. But, it’s much better today than it was 20 years ago when drivers could spend weeks at a time on the road. Drivers today have active social lives and quality family time.