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It’s hard to imagine trucking before mobile devices. Remember plotting your route with a truckers atlas? Using payphones and calling cards? Needing several different books from the truck stop chains to plan fuel stops? No Google Maps Satellite view? Those were different times. Simpler times, maybe. But mobile devices definitely improves our lives over the road.

Now we have apps for everything. There are even apps for things I didn’t even know I wanted to do. Let’s take a quick look at three apps for truckers.

Trucker Path

This is a must-have for drivers. It’s an all-around great app to easily find truck parking, scales, fuel, & more.
Trucker Path is free and easy to use. You can select the type of service you’re looking for and you can select map routing. It’ll become your best friend on the road.

COPILOT for Trucks

The COPILOT app has been around for years and is a great alternative to Google Maps. COPILOT for Trucks is great if you don’t use a dash-mounted GPS. It’s owned bt Trimble who offers a variety of tech solutions. They also developed a COVID-19 Safe Haven web app

This is a simple way to turn your phone into a truck friendly GPS.

Calorie Counter by Lose It! for Diet & Weight Loss

It’s no secret that the trucking lifestyle can be less than healthy. Drivers need to make an effort to eat healthily. Lose It! is a great tool to help you eat better. They also have a great blog with healthy eating and weight loss tips