There are many appliances and accessories that every truck driver should consider purchasing. Not only will these items make your life easier while on the road, they will help you save money and live a healthier lifestyle.

fridges for truckers#1 A Fridge or Cooler – The benefits of having a fridge or cooler in the truck are seemingly endless. Keep food and drinks cold, take meals on the road with you, eat healthier, and save money, just to name a few. This is probably the most expensive accessory you will purchase for the truck, but it is well worth the investment. Coolers typically run for $100 to $200 with fridges coming in at $400 to $500. You may need to purchase a good power inverter for the fridge. Check your company policies about hook up power inverters if your truck doesn’t have one.

#2 A Microwave – Like we said Microwave for trucksabove, being able to prepare your own meals can make a world of difference to a truck driver. Just about everything can be cooked in a microwave; the only thing you’ll have to worry about is if there is space in your sleeper for it. And you can make smores. Hmmm smores…

#3 Stove/Grill/Crock Pot – If you don’t have room in the sleeper for a microwave, don’t worry; one of these options will work just as well. They are all small and easy to use. The lunchbox cooker and the crock pot can be set up to cook your meals while you’re driving so your meal is ready when you are. Pick up a few bungee cords to secure your crock pot. Portable camping BBQ & 12v electric gills are cheap and can be stored in a jump box. Even if you have a microwave, BBQ and grills will allow you to make great healthy meals; think skinless chicken breast, fish, and corn on the cob. Throw a couple of peppers on there and laugh those drivers eating mystery meat at the truck stop!

lunch box stove

#4 Single Serve Coffee Maker – if you’re a coffee drinker than you probably spend a lot of time getting coffee, not to mention the amount of money you spend on mediocre truck stop brew. Save yourself some money and drink good coffee by getting a single serve coffee maker. Generally you can get a cup of Jo in less than five minutes, which is easy to do while you’re being loaded or unloaded. Plus you really have better things to do with your time besides stand in the fuel desk line waiting, waiting and wait to pay $2 for a cup of Jo that tastes like it was strained threw a sock. C’mon driver you’re better than that.

#5 Various Cooking Utensils – wooden spoons, spatulas, a can opener, a wooden carving board, a knife, plastic bowls for prep and serving, cutlery. Take two good sized plastic containers and some water. One container stores your supplies; the other is a wash basin. Stack the storage container into the wash container to conserve room.

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