Healthier Choices for Truckers

Life as an over-the-road truck driver can be a rewarding career. Life on the road is rarely boring and we see new places and meet new people.

Life on the road can also lead to poor health choices. Eating fast food or truck stop food every day will add inches to your waistline and put you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions.

While there are many things to consider regarding healthy living, and personal health, the food we eat is one that we have full control over. Eating healthier is easy with a little bit of planning and will have noticeable benefits for your health and wallet.

Appliances that Every Trucker Should Have

We’ll omit fridges and microwaves as most drivers have those already. Check out the list of useful small appliances that will make your life easier, help you eat better meals, and help save money while on the road.

  • Lunch Box Stove – Lunchbox stoves are one of those old-school items that truckers have used for decades. These little stoves are convenient and versatile that you can use to cook food, reheat food, or keep your meal warm for later. See some recipes here.
  • Waffle Maker – Who doesn’t love a good waffle? The batter is easy to make in the truck and the best part is you get to make them exactly how you like at a fraction of the cost of ordering from a restaurant.
  • Single-serve Coffeemaker – Good fresh coffee is a must for avid coffee drinkers and many drivers are avid coffee drinkers. Unfortunately truck stop coffee isn’t all that great, or fresh. The cost savings alone justifies making your own coffee. Consider three cups of coffee per day at $2.50 per cup over 300 days over the road per year. That’s over $ 2,250 per year for subpar coffee. You can make your own better-quality fresh coffee for several hundred dollars a year.
  • Electric Skillet – An electric Skillet is great to bring out your inner chef. You can use it to heat pre-made meals from home or make some more complex meals fresh while on the road. Check out some recipes here.
  • Pressure Cooker – A pressure cooker is a healthy way to cook. It’s a wonderful appliance for cooking fresh.
  • Slow Cooker – A slow cooker makes tasty food and does not take up that much room to store. Use bungee cords to keep the lid on and to bungee the unit in place while you drive. Start cooking your meal in the morning and have a wonderful lunch or supper.

Save money on the road by cooking your own meals which allows you to prepare better quality meals. It’s better for your health and trying new recipes is fun. It’s much better than greasy fast food every day or over-priced truck stop food.