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Autonomous vehicles are coming. With testing happening on public roads, some safety advocates have called for federal regulations on self-driving vehicles. But according to the nation?s top auto?
As battery technology improves and other advantages become more apparent, Class 4-7 commercial electric vehicle sales could top 100,000 units by 2035.
Automation in the trucking industry is ramping up quickly. But how will the next levels of automation be deployed? Episode 2 of RoadSigns has the answers. Click to listen.
Truckers are clearly not welcome in the province of Ontario. From MTO quotas, high diesel prices, lack of parking and lousy freight rates, they certainly don’t roll out the welcome mat for the professional driver.
Recognizing the signs of identity theft early can help prevent thieves from causing further damage.
The top-rated dash cams of 2018, broken down by price and available features of each. Also, includes additional information to keep in mind when searching for which one to buy overall.
The top-rated and most reviewed GPS devices for your truck. Providing their features, price, and usability.


In extended road use, Fleet Owner tests out Eagle Eyes’ night-driving glasses to see if their claimed benefits hold up.