Ken, Wayne, and Cliff at the 5th Annual Motorcycle Ride for Dad

On Saturday May 25th the 5th Annual Motorcycle Ride for Dad was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Three members of the Len Dubois Trucking team were amongst the 1,002 registered riders. We were more than happy to donate a pledge to each of our guys. Together they raised $1000.00 in support of prostate cancer research and education.

“One of the goals for The Ride for Dad is to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer. It certainly has for me. 1 in 7 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime…it makes you think about all the families affected,” says Wayne Sawatzky of Len Dubois Trucking.

The Motorcycle Ride for Dad is part of a larger awareness campaign. It helps inform men and their families of the need and importance for early detection of prostate cancer. The money raise from this event stays in Manitoba.

“The parade of 1,000 motorcycles going down Portage Ave was amazing.”

In spite of the weather, a chilly 13° C with cloudy skies, the riders geared up and followed their police escort from the Polo Park Shopping Centre, down Portage Avenue then north to Gimli and back.

“There is an excitement of being there to hear all the bikes start up together and then proceed in formation down Portage Avenue to the Assiniboia Downs. The thrill of riding together with other bikers for such a great cause is very rewarding,” says Ken Heppner of Len Dubois Trucking.

When asked why they participate in this event this is what they had to say:

“A good friend of mine was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. He rode with us last year; he couldn’t this year because of family commitments. He has been spending a lot of time with his family lately. He is going for prostate surgery in a couple weeks,” Wayne Sawatzky.

“This was the third year that I participated in the Ride for Dad. It is exciting to see so many bike riders raising funds for such a worthwhile cause. Every man has the potential of getting prostrate Cancer. The sooner we can detect and treat it is of great value. This year I was aware of three individuals, that I personally know, who have been dealing with prostrate cancer,” Ken Heppner.

This year over $215,000.00 in pledges was raised, bringing the fiver year total to over $575,000.00. We hope that you will take the time to give if you haven’t already.

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Look at all of those bikes.

Look at all those bikes.



Heading down Portage Ave.