Trucking Reads

We put some effort into sharing trucking news and creating useful blog posts about trucking. In case you missed it, here are a few articles from the past month that’s worth a quick read.

Carving Your Path as a Trucking Spouse Entrepreneur – Many trucking families have stay-at-home spouses, which can get a bit tedious. One thing we noticed about our stay-at-home trucking families is that many of them operate home-based businesses to keep the boredom at bay and earn extra money for the big family vacation, retirement savings, or college education for the kids.

Sight Seeing & Things to See on the Road – 90% of the time trucking is kind of boring. We see a lot of the same interstate during our long hours of driving. Have you thought about getting out of the truck and looking around?

Why We Run Good Equipment – Working to ensure that our trucks and trailers are safe and compliant when they leave for trips is a must for safety. Finding and repairing potential safety issues such as unusual wear on tires or leaks in the air system can avoid a dangerous situation on the road. These trucks put on a lot of miles, and our maintenance team works long hours to make sure they’re safe miles.

Have You Seen These 4 Apps to Stay Connected with Your Trucker

It’s easier than ever to stay connected. Mobile technology is part of our everyday lives. Communicating with friends and family through Facebook Messenger, Snap, WhatsApp or text is easy. Unfortunately, it can be a little time consuming to send video or pics and there’s only so much you can do with texting. Plus, just texting can be a little boring. If only there was a better way…

What are Easy Trucker Exercises? – The long hours in the driver seat isn’t preventable. How we treat our bodies is well within our control. Better diet and a little bit of daily exercise go a long way to feeling better and living longer.