Well-Maintained Equipment for Safety

We operate well-maintained late-model trucks and trailers at Len Dubois Trucking. Newer equipment and preventive maintenance are good for safety and good business. Good practices are why we’ve been growing for over 30 years.

Working to ensure that our trucks and trailers are safe and compliant when they leave for trips is a must for safety. Finding and repairing potential safety issues such as unusual wear on tires or leaks in the air system can avoid a dangerous situation on the road. These trucks put on a lot of miles, and our maintenance team works long hours to make sure they’re safe miles.

Besides strict maintenance schedules, our maintenance department inspects every company power unit when they return from a trip. This allows us to top up fluids, do basic inspections and give it a bath. We make sure the truck is ready for the next trip. Our maintenance people get to have each truck in the shop several times a month at a minimum.

Running newer equipment and performing preventive maintenance is cheaper than costly breakdowns. We can’t prevent all breakdowns of course, but we can reduce them.

Breakdowns are Costly

Breakdowns on the road are a headache for everyone. It costs our drivers time and money through lost productivity. Drivers aren’t making money sitting in the passenger seat of a tow truck or the waiting room of a shop. Ditto for the company.

Tow trucks and after-hours service are expensive. Paying full shop rates for repairs on the road is far more expensive than having the work performed by our people in our shop. Plus, we prefer the quality of our guy’s work. Keeping as much maintenance and repair in-house helps us control costs.

The costs for the company can continue through customer service failures due to breakdowns. Customers understand if a delivery is late due to a breakdown, but it’s different if it’s constant lateness.

There are no Shortcuts

There are no shortcuts in trucking. Costs will pile up if we nickel and dime our equipment. These are the tools of the trade, and we make sure they are in proper working order. Our maintenance team plays a big role in our fleet safety.

Safety, compliance, and customer service – it’s a team effort.

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