Staying on top of industry news makes the job easier Here on some articles we think you should read:

Air system maintenance on trucks is critical in the winter; less than a teaspoon of water could disable a truck in a winter deep freeze. Here’s why, and what you can do about it.
The advent of ELDs is influencing how carriers and shippers work together to control costs, deploy capacity, design networks, offer and charge for services, make capital investments, recruit and assign drivers and leverage new technology.
Every year we read about drivers who perish in their trucks during extended road closures where the driver goes off the road or runs into impassable conditions. Would you or your drivers be able to stay warm and safe if you were caught in such a situation?
Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota and Kansas DOTs each announced earlier this month they have launched their versions of the truck parking space counting system, joining Michigan, Ohio and Wiscons?
Researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) are teaching driver’s education students about truck safety through interactive demonstrations at 25 high schools in Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware.