Truck 112 in Duck Lake Sk

As you probably have already noticed, we have been making some changes to Len Dubois Trucking’s online information. Over the past couple of months we’ve increased our blog posting to bring you, our drivers, helpful tips and useful information to make your over the road jobs a little easier, and added a Facebook presence to try to stay connected with you.

So now we ask: Are you tired of only looking at pictures of truck 112?

Truck 112 in Leavenworth Wa

It’s not that we don’t appreciate Jeremy’s pictures, it’s just that Len Dubois Trucking is more than just one driver and we’d like to show off our entire team. If you answered yes to our question, then here’s your chance to do something about it. Take pictures of your life on the road. Don’t know what to take pictures of, well . . . anything really. Pictures of your truck at the pumps, parked in line at the dock, parked in line at a rest area or truck stop, or even pictures of your truck stuck in traffic, really any thing would be appreciated. You can even take some pictures of the things inside the truck. Show us what you take with you on your trips, what’s in your jump box or what you keep in your jump seat.

Truck 112 in Tacoma WA

So you’ve taken your picture. Now what?

Simply email your image(s) to Please let us know where the image was taken and include a caption if you feel like it. We’ll be able to use them in blog posts, on Facebook, and even on the website.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook to stay connected with what’s happening, new and upcoming and, of course, to check out all of the new pictures.


Len Dubois Trucking is a family-run transportation and trucking company in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Additional services include cross docking and global logistics.

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