Winter is just around the corner. Well, if you’ve been through the mountains then you know winter is already in full swing. There are a few things you should take with you in case you find yourself in a difficult situation.

You need to plan for some day to day time outside in cold or storming conditions. You also need to plan in case of emergency situations, such as, a road closure that lasts for days. You can get trapped on a mountain pass with nothing around until they open the road. You can also get stuck out in small rural areas without being near an actual store. Both situations can last several days.

First let’s cover the ‘No Duh’ items such as a good winter parka, good quality thermal gloves, a touque or some sort of head protection, good quality thermal boots (not steal toed work boots – actual winter boots), something to protect your face such as a scarf or balaclava, and something to protect your lower body such as ski or slush pants (with a thermal lining). If you don’t plan to wear the leg protection regularly, store them in an emergency kit. These items will come in handy, day to day, as well as in a break down situation. In an event you need to abandon the vehicle, temperarily, and walk to get help or shelter, you’ll want to bundle up.

Keep non-parishable food and water with you at all times. Also keep some energy bars or granola bars. These are good snacks if you’re stranded and they easily fit in your pocket if you need to walk for help. Even if you don’t cook in the truck cans of soup, beans, etc, and a lunch box stove will come in handy if your caught out with no resources.

Keep heavy blankets in the truck; in addition to what you usually sleep with. If your fuel freezes, or something else happens that shuts down your source of heat, you need to stay warm until a tow truck reaches you.

It’s not uncommon to get stuck on ice patches in loading docks or parking lots. Keep a jug or container of sand and winter sidewalk salt mixture in the jump box. This can get you unstuck and on your way in no time.

Last but not least buy a propane torch to unfreeze frozen breaks. Some times a hammer just can’t get it done.

Remember your safety is our top priority. Don’t travel in dangerous situations if you can’t avoid it, drive safely.

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