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Safety Doesn’t End with Operation Safe Driver Week 2020 – Trucking is listed as one of the most dangerous occupations. Not only do we expect our fleet to be in compliance with all regulations, we expect every department to help as part of the team to ensure we make our deliveries safely. Safety is a team effort and we’re proud of the hard work that our entire team dedicates to the safety of our drivers and those with which we share the road.

Brake Safety Week is scheduled for Aug. 23-29, 2020 – Brake Safety Week 2020 is part of the larger safety campaign – CVSA’s Operation Airbrake Program – which will hold two blitz’s. One is the scheduled Brake Safety Week August 23 – 29, 2020 and an unannounced one-day brake safety blitz.

Why truckers are the safest drivers on the road – There are reasons why professional drivers can log that many miles safely. The trucking industry is more safety-focused now more than ever. The entire culture has changed to safety and compliance over the past few decades. That trend continues with trucking associations, trucking companies, and truck drivers prioritizing safety.

Health & Lifestyle

The Lifestyle of a Truck Driver – Your First Year – Many consider the profession of a truck driver to be more of a lifestyle. Your first year on the road as a truck driver will be one of the hardest, as trucking success is all about experience. No trucking school can teach you how to be a truck driver. They can teach you how to operate the truck and make you aware of what the job is like, but living it is so much different.

Easy ways to keep your truck organized – Do you find it hard to keep your truck organized? Truckers have an unconventional lifestyle and it’s often hectic. We’re always in a rush. And sometimes we miss some of the little things. Then the little things add up, and the next thing you know, our truck is a cluttered mess.

Good Trucker Health Habits – The life of a truck driver can be an unhealthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. I know this isn’t groundbreaking news. It’s obvious that a job can lead to unhealthy habits when it requires long hours of sitting, lots of time away from home, tight deadlines, and little access to common amenities such as a kitchen or exercise equipment.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Whether you like it or not, face masks in trucking are here for a while – Whether you agree with mask-wearing or not, it’s been a reality for truckers since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic began. Mandatory mask-wearing had quickly been instituted by many shippers/receivers. Then in mid-April Canada customs mandated all travellers crossing into Canada must wear non-medical masks.

We found a few videos on how to make your own face masks. Why not get creative and use creative looking material. Hockey is back soon, so let’s see some Jets masks out there!

Trucking Success

What it takes to be a successful owner-operator – Trucking is a tough business and owner operators in trucking are some of the smartest businesspeople around. From making the right truck purchase to effective money management to proper maintenance schedules, owner operators have a lot on their plate. And while running their business, they are also rolling over the road.