Keeping Your Truck Organized

Do you find it hard to keep your truck organized? Truckers have an unconventional lifestyle and it’s often hectic. We’re always in a rush. And sometimes we miss some of the little things. Then the little things add up, and the next thing you know, our truck is a cluttered mess.

It happens. But is there a better way? You betcha, there is! We’ve put together a few ideas that will help you keep your truck organized. No more feeling of chaos and wasting time looking for things.

Let’s take advantage of the limited room we have in our trucks.

Storage Containers

Plastic storage bins will help you not only organize your things but also maximize the limited room we have in the cubbies in the truck. These are especially useful for dry food storage and cooking utensils. They can pull double duty when you use them to hold soapy water to wash utensils or dishes. Get the stackable kind and you’ll keep your stuff safe and organized.

Don’t forget to label them. Masking tape and a marker will work just fine. Although, a label maker is so much more fun!

Hooks and Velcro

Self-adhesive hooks are better than sliced bread. You can easily take advantage of your wall space by organizing small objects into cloth bags and hang them.

Velcro tape is a great way to secure storage boxes onto flat surfaces such as on a self.

Handheld Vacuum

Clean up your truck floor or seats quickly with a handheld vacuum. It doesn’t take up much room and it’ll fit in one of your storage bin or hang it! We don’t have much floor to keep clean and a quick once-over every other day will make a world of difference.