The Ohio Department of Transportation has launched a new campaign warning motorist that the biggest threat on the road isn’t big rigs, but their own driving habits.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, of all fatal car-truck crashes in the state, only 10-15% were the fault of the trucker, leaving an 85-90% chance that the motorist involved was to blame.

While we don’t have stats from other states to share with you, logic suggests that it’s not just the motorists of Ohio that don’t know how to drive safely around semi trucks.

Three Basic Safety Tips for Driving Around Semi Trucks

Don’t cut off large trucks. They are large and heavy and require more space and time to stop than cars do.

Stay out of a trucks blind spots. Trucks have more blind spots than a car, and they are bigger. Know the blind spots around a truck and stay out them.

Watch your following distance. When following semi trucks, if you cannot see the truck’s side mirrors, the driver cannot see you.

Do You Think You Drive Safely Around Trucks?

Take this quick quiz and see how safe you really are.

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