Len Dubois Trucking in 2019

2019 was a busy year for all of us at Len Dubois Trucking! We moved to a bigger and better facility to support our growing fleet. We were awarded the Distinguished Member Award from the MTA. The new Canadian ELD rules came were announced and the new US ELD rules came into effect in November. It truly was a year of growth and change for us and we thank all of our wonderful staff, drivers, and partners for adapting and changing with us.

Best Trucking Articles

We love trucking! We put a lot of effort into our blog and social channels to share important industry news and tips about trucking and the trucking industry. We went through and found our most popular blog posts of 2019. We hope you enjoy this year in review.

Trucking Safety

A big focus for trucking over the past decade has been safety. Trucking associations and companies have been promoting safety in the industry to the point that safety is a defining feature of the trucking industry. As such, we’ve dedicated a large portion of our blog and social space to promote safety and provide safety tips.

What Drivers Need to Know about Tailgating – “Even if you think you aren’t tailgating, you may still be too close. The rule of thumb is to give yourself a minimum of 7 seconds; adding additional following distance as your speed increases or road and weather conditions change. With safety as the main priority, always leave as much space in front of the vehicle as you possibly can.”

4 Things Professional Drivers Shouldn’t Do – “Professional drivers are held to a high standard. We can’t get into bad habits or take reckless actions. The sheer amount of driving we do as truck drivers necessitate that we practice safe driving habits for the safety of everyone on the road. There are a few really bad things that drivers do too often. These things can lead to tragedy.”

People Cause 94% of all Motor Vehicle Crashes – “In 2017, speeding was a contributing factor in 26 percent of all traffic fatalities, according to NHTSA. That’s 9,717 lives lost due to speeding.”

Training Opportunities with the MTA https://lenduboistrucking.com/blog/training-opportunities-with-the-mta/ – “The Manitoba Trucking Association plays many key roles in the industry, one of which is offering training opportunities for truck drivers and those working in the industry to brush up on their skills and maybe even learn some new ones.”

Health in the Trucking Industry

Trucking is fast-paced and stressful which can lead to poor health outcomes. Drivers are at more risk of health problems compared to other professions due to the nature of the job which can lead to poor eating habits and little exercise. Check out these articles for health tips.

Common Health Issues Truck Drivers Should Be Aware Of – “We’ve put together some information on some of the common health issues faced by truck drivers. The key to good health is always prevention, which often means being aware of symptoms, paying attention to your body, and seeking medical attention when needed.”

Easy Trucker Exercises – “News flash! Trucking is, kind of, an unhealthy lifestyle. Well, more than kind of. According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, “Statistics from the National Institute of Health show that more than 50 percent of truck drivers are obese, compared to the national rate of 26.7 percent. Compared to the general population, the prevalence of diabetes is 50 percent higher and 87 percent of truck drivers have hypertension or pre-hypertension, compared to the national average of 58.3 percent (JOEM 2009).”

Time Management is a Stress Reliever – “Trucking is stressful. We’re under constant time pressure from shippers and receivers. We have ticking HOS clocks. There are variables such as traffic and weather which affect how efficient we are and how we manage our day.

We can magnify or lessen some of those challenges. One thing we can do is take control of our time. Proper time management will eliminate a lot of problems and stress.”

Truck Tools and Better Trucking

Check out these articles for trucking tools and how to handle certain aspects of trucking.

7 Interview Questions to Ask the Driver Recruiter – “What to ask a driver recruiter can be a little tricky. The short answer is – anything you, or your spouse, wants to know. We get a significant number of inquiries from the spouses of drivers, which makes sense since your better half is directly affected by your choice of employer. It may be a good idea to ask your spouse what questions they have too.

Here are some common questions we’ve been asked that you should ask any driver recruiter.”

5 Tips to Keep Your Sanity When You’re Married to a Trucker – “Being married to a trucker can certainly take its toll on your sanity. When you’re new to the industry, it seems like every hiccup in the road is a crisis. Even if your a seasoned trucking spouse, there are times when even the simplest of problems can turn into a complete code red.”

Have You Seen These 4 Apps to Stay Connected with Your Trucker – “New apps, that you might not know about, can make a better connection with your trucking spouse. And they make it more fun and convenient! We’ve found four that can add a little fun and a private connection with your OTR spouse.”

Sight Seeing & Things to See on the Road – “90% of the time trucking is kind of boring. We see a lot of the same interstate during our long hours of driving. Have you thought about getting out of the truck and looking around? Resetting your hours while on the road is a great time to rent a car or grab an Uber and do a little sightseeing. If you’re near any of the following places, take advantage of your nomadic job, and get out and explore. Most people don’t get this opportunity in their 9 to 5.”