What Should I ask a Driver Recruiter?

We find creating a good repour with a potential driver, or owner-operator is very important in finding out if we’re a good fit for each other. We have lots of questions about your expectations, experience, etc. We assume you do too. You should, don’t be afraid to ask!

What to ask a driver recruiter can be a little tricky. The short answer is – anything you, or your spouse, wants to know. We get a significant number of inquiries from the spouses of drivers, which makes sense since your better half is directly affected by your choice of employer. It may be a good idea to ask your spouse what questions they have too.

Here are some common questions we’ve been asked that you should ask any driver recruiter.

7 Questions to Ask a Driver Recruiter

What is the company’s home time policy?

Asking about when you’re not going to work may not be a good question when applying for a job outside of the trucking industry, but the unique lifestyle of a truck driver makes this an important question.

What benefits are offered?

We’re excluding questions about pay scales for the most part because – of course, you’ll ask for details about that. Benefits packages and co-pays can differ. Ask for some specifics or possibly a brochure from the insurance provider if they have one. Also, when are new hires eligible for those benefits?

What is the chain of command for drivers?

Operations and dispatch offices work differently from place to place. Try to establish if the driver recruiter understands the chain of command. He/she will show a clear understanding of daily communication if their communication policies are strong. Quality communications make life on the road better.

What are the rider policies for pets, family members, and friends?

You’ll want to know what a company’s ride-along policies are if you like to take your kids or other family members in the truck sometimes. Trucking companies have clear rules for insurance and liability reasons.

Are there times where mileage is significantly lower or higher?

Trucking is about supply and demand. We all tend to speed up and slow down at the same time. Some companies specialize in certain freight or have regular clients with predictable busy and slow cycles.

What are the safety standards of the company, if any?

It’s hard to call a trucking company legit if they don’t prioritize safety and compliance. A poor safety culture leads to more violations fleet wide. Violations and poor safety performance reduce productivity and are expensive. If safety doesn’t run through their culture, there may be some financial problems under the surface. Plus, who wants to run 300 days a year looking over their shoulder for Jonny Law. Successful companies with strong driver retention run safely.

How and when are trucks maintained and replaced?

Do you want to drive for a company that runs crud down the road? There’s nothing like constant break downs. Ask about regular maintenance and when trucks are replaced.

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