Learning as much as you can, as fast as you can in the trucking industry can make or break your career. Being a Rookie driver is difficult, you are still within your first couple of years over-the-road and just when you think you’ve seen it all . . . something new pops up.

Check out these helpful articles and start honing your skills today. Oh, and if you’re a seasoned driver, there’s no harm in brushing up.

My ELD Doesn’t Work! Now What?! Ah, technology. Tech is great when it works. We rely on technology in our daily lives and for our work (like ELD’s). Yes, we do become dependent on certain technology and when it stops working, or malfunctions, we can be up
If you?re in trucking school or a recent graduate of trucking school with a shiny new CDL, chances are you?re chomping at the bit to get signed on with a company so you can start earning. Here are 5 starter tips that every rookie driver needs to
We do an awful lot of writing about how to get a job in the trucking industry and how, now especially, the demand for professional drivers is higher than we have seen in over a decade. And yet, there seem to many drivers out there that
There was a time in the trucking industry when dispatchers were seasoned, experienced truck drivers who retired from the road and joined the office team. They knew what life on the road was all about because they had lived it. They understood the issues, conflicts and
Enforcement of laws and regulations is vital to the trucking industry and safety on the roads. A big part DOT?s job is to look for drivers who are out of compliance or are operating defective equipment. Far too often truck drivers look at DOT as a