My ELD Doesn’t Work! Now What?!

Ah, technology. Tech is great when it works. We rely on technology in our daily lives and for our work (like ELD’s). Yes, we do become dependent on certain technology and when it stops working, or malfunctions, we can be up a creek. We’re in so much trouble when the robots take over!

ELD’s are no different than any other technology. They’re great and reliable but not perfect or infallible. So, what happens when the brain of your satellite or your ELD stops working?

We could start in panic mode and have a full-scale meltdown. But we’re busy people, so let’s be more pragmatic. Once you stop cursing at a blank touch screen, and about the ELD mandate, buy a paper logbook if you don’t have one handy.

You should have a paper logbook handy in case your ELD stops working. Here’s the important thing – YOU NEED TO LOG LEGAL!

Your Logbook Needs to Match the Tracking System

Your Electronic Logging Device may appear to be dead but it is not. Usually, when there is a problem with your ELD – it’s an interface unit problem. The truck is still very much communicating with our tracking system and your paper log must match. Our safety department is required to check that your paper logs match what the truck actually did. There’s no way around it.

None of this is a problem. We know our team is dedicated to safety and strives to be in compliance at all times. You, our driving team, have adapted to every change in this industry as true professionals. Keep up the great work! You too, soon to be robot overlords!