Quality Truck Drivers Wanted

Join our professional driving team and earn top dollar! We pride ourselves on the close working relationships we have with our driving team and our commitment to providing a healthy work/home balance. After all most of our management team have been over the road, long-haul drivers, or have grown up in trucking families. If there is one thing we understand it’s life as a truck driver. Len Dubois Trucking drivers earn top dollar, plus receive regular incentives for the work they do.

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What Happens if my ELD Stops Working?

ELD's are no different than any other technology. They're great and reliable but not perfect or infallible. So, what happens when the brain of your satellite or your ELD stops working?

Get the Most From Your Truck – Join Our Growing Fleet

Why Join Len Dubois Trucking? Our owner-operators earn higher than industry average revenue! Regular clients and regular freight allow our fleet to run efficiently and profitably.

Join our Growing Manitoba Trucking Fleet

Len Dubois Trucking is looking for professional class one Company Drivers and Owner Operators to join our growing team. We are a medium-sized trucking company based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and pride ourselves on our strong commitment to our driving team. Have a Life Outside of the Truck At Len Dubois Trucking we coordinate our [...]

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Trucking Myth Busters! Trucking Myths Busted

Myths About Trucking and Truckers Our culture loves myths and stereotypes. It's not a bad thing. Actually, it's quite natural. You can't be an expert on everything so our brains will create overviews and stereotypes to characterise people and place. Unfortunately, trucking and truckers have some pretty untrue and unflattering stereotypes. Like all stereotypes, there's [...]

We Don’t Just Hire Drivers, We Invest in People

Len Dubois Trucking believes that in order to provide a good, quality company to work for a foundation of trust and understanding must be established right from the beginning. This is why our recruiter doesn’t make “big promises” that can’t be kept. His sole purpose when recruiting is to be open and honest about the [...]

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Truckers and Using Social Media Properly

When using social media remember people are watching. You're in control of the message you put out. You are, like it or not, telling a story. If you tell the wrong one, there can be bad consequences. Here are a few tips for drivers using social media.

Owner Operators Earn More With Us

Maximize your earnings with Len Dubois Trucking. Our Owner Operators earn above industry averages with the option to choose between a percentage or per mile contract and an average of 10, 000 plus miles per month.

Earn a Better Living with Len Dubois Trucking

Len Dubois Trucking is looking for professional class one Company Drivers to join our growing Winnipeg, Manitoba team. We are a medium sized trucking company and pride ourselves on our strong commitment to our driving team. We Invest in Our Drivers Most of our management team have been over the road, long haul drivers, or [...]

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Owner Ops Earn More with Len Dubois Trucking

Earn more money and build your business by partnering with over 30 years of success! Our experienced team in operations and dispatch have built relationships with many regular and satisfied clients. We have regular outbound and inbound freight to keep you moving and ensure regular home time with your family. Our owner-operators (and company drivers) [...]

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