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Let’s talk about what exactly gets us excited when it comes to hiring drivers here at Len Dubois Trucking. You see, our drivers are the true heroes of the road, and we take immense pride in having a team that’s nothing short of extraordinary. So, in this article, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on the qualities we look for in potential candidates. If you’ve ever wondered what makes our drivers stand out from the crowd, or if you’re itching to jump into the trucking world yourself, then this one’s for you! Let’s dive in and find out what it takes to be part of the fantastic crew at Len Dubois Trucking.

Professional Attitude

The attitude, temperament, and appearance of our drivers are very important. We look for drivers who will match our company culture because you, as one of our team members, represent our company on the road and with our clients. Our commitment to service and customer fulfilment has allowed us to maintain long-lasting relationships with clients, and this commitment is baked into our company culture.

Our most successful drivers understand that trucking is a fast-paced industry with little room for error, and because it’s high-stress, it’s not for everyone. The drivers who have made it in this industry know when things go wrong, and they will go wrong, to approach challenges in a calm and professional way. We look for drivers who want to be part of a team and will communicate problems and then work to help solve them as part of a team effort.

Accountability fits right in here too. For example, it doesn’t take much to have a minor incident while backing the truck into a parking spot or dock, and while that is not a great outcome, we know it happens. But by following procedure and reporting it immediately makes it easier for everybody and reduces our liability significantly.

Dedication to Safety

Trucking is one of the most dangerous professions.

While we obviously want to see a fairly clean driver abstract, we really look for drivers who take safety, at all times, to heart because safety goes beyond just regulatory compliance. We all have safety concerns at shippers/receivers, truckstops, and anywhere we are while over-the-road but cutting corners or taking risks while operating a truck weighing in at 80,000lb is dangerous, and there isn’t another word we can use to describe it.

Regulatory compliance is also crucial to everyone’s success because even minor infractions are recorded against the company’s safety record. Our safety record affects our standing in regard to our operating authority, insurance rates, and our standing in shipper and freight networks. Gone are the days of Smokey and the Bandit. It’s really not us versus them (law enforcement), and the industry hasn’t been like that for quite some time (if it ever really was). The trucking industry now works a lot with policymakers and law enforcement to maintain a high standard of safety, and in a lot of ways, the interests of law enforcement and trucking align.


Professional drivers can’t learn everything about trucking, and the over-the-road life, through a trucking school. Even the best driver training schools can’t teach a person how to be a truck driver, and there is a significant learning curve once a driver earns their license and then enters this field in real life.

Like in any trade, there is no replacement for experience.

Experienced drivers can handle difficult and complex situations better, and that leads to better customer service outcomes. And experienced drivers can operate more efficiently and profitably and with a higher degree of safety. Service, efficiency, and safety are equally important for trucking companies to survive and thrive, and experienced drivers can do all of those things, which is why they are highly desired.

At Len Dubois Trucking, we seek drivers with a minimum of two years of over-the-road experience, but we do have some flexibility when we have a quality candidate who might be shy of their two-year mark as long as they have more than one year of cross-border experience.

Ability to Cross the Border

Canada is a major exporter to the United States, and it makes sense that most medium and large trucking companies move most of their freight across the border. Drivers who can not, or will not, cross the border severely limit their opportunities in trucking.

The ability and willingness to cross the border is a must for us. We have freight that picks and delivers in Canada, but most of our drivers run 80% of their miles in the United States.

Are we a Good Fit?

We don’t just hire anyone. We seek individuals who are a good fit for our company culture. To be perfectly honest, seeking the right drivers does everyone a favour. If we hire drivers who won’t be a good match with how we do things, they won’t succeed and won’t enjoy their time with us. That’s not good for anyone, especially the driver.

If you are a professional, value safety, and treat customers with respect – you’re probably a good fit. Take your career to the next level and reach out to John, our Driver Services & Compliance Manager, and see what opportunities we have to offer.

Take a look at our Company Driver opportunities and our Owner-Operator opportunities.

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