Drive Safely this Winter

With winter finally here, it's time to buckle down on some safe driving techniques for motorists. In all honesty, these are your everyday basics, nothing fancy here but some good old-fashioned, everyday driving rules that apparently some people don't know about. Place priority on your safety and the safety of motorists around you by being prepared [...]

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Len Dubois Trucking is Hiring Company Drivers

Len Dubois Trucking of Winnipeg Manitoba is now hiring professional Class One Company Drivers to join our growing fleet. Why You Should Join Our Team Most of our management team have been over the road, long-haul drivers, or have grown up in trucking families. If there is one thing we understand it is life as [...]

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John Sat Down to Discuss the Importance of Fuel Mileage

Fuel Mileage is a Team Effort A little while ago John, our Safety Manager, sat down with Fleet Science and discussed the importance of fuel mileage and some of the techniques we use to get the most from every gallon. It's a promo video for Fleet Science but it shows the combination of strategies used and [...]

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Family Time: Events, Holidays and things to do in April

Forget about work, leave the chores for another day and spend some time with the people you love. Making time for your family is challenging for truck drivers, it's also limited, so make the most of your time in and make some memories! Interesting Events to Check Out Manitoba Comic Con & Sci-Fi Expo Dates: [...]

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Home Made Ginger Beef

Finding meals over the road doesn't have to be a grueling task, especially when you make your meals ahead of time at home to take over the road with you. You'll be able to eat the foods you love, add variety to your meal plans and save some money. This home made ginger beef recipe [...]

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Warm Up with this Delicious Potato and Ham Soup

This Potato and Ham soup is a great, fast recipe that truckers can put together at home and take on the road with them. Quickly heat it up in your microwave for a fast lunch or dinner. Ingredients 3 1/2 cups peeled and diced potatoes 1/3 cup diced celery 1/3 cup finely chopped onion 3/4 [...]

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Safety and Compliance Doesn't End When Roadcheck is Over

The annual CVSA Roadcheck safety blitz is a 72 hour training and awareness campaign, but safety and compliance is a 8,760 hour way of life for truck drivers. Truck driver's are expected to drive safe and compliant 365 days of the year and are expected to have zero violations. You are a Professional Truck Driver [...]

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Photo Challenge: At the Truck Stop or Rest Area

Looking to work with a great Winnipeg trucking company? We have opportunities for quality Owner/Operators and company drivers. Join the Len Dubois Trucking team today. We are always looking for images to share with our fleet and our facebook friends. As truck drivers we use truck stops and rest areas on a daily basis. Some of [...]

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