Where to park if you don’t want to stay overnight near the Mexican Border

On occasion, we’ve heard from a few drivers who don’t like parking overnight in or near border towns if it can be avoided. It’s not universal as lots of drivers don’t have a problem parking there overnight – there are several large truck stops in each of those towns.

Watch Your Weight

Accurate and legal load weights are the responsibility of the truck driver, not the shipper. It is up to you, as a professional, to ensure that you don’t exceed the allowable weight limit for where you are. Know Your Limits in the U.S. For your average tandem tractor-trailer, your maximum gross vehicle weight is 80,000 [...]

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Trucking Round Up

Trucking News You May Have Missed There’s never a dull moment in trucking. Here are some things that have recently caught our eye in the trucking world.

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How to Avoid Downtime in Winter: the Do’s and Don’ts

In the trucking world, where every second counts, downtime is your worst enemy. Of course, this is true any time of the year but in winter there are additional causes of downtime that truckers have to contend with. Keep your downtime limited this winter with these helpful tips. Fuel DO Keep [...]

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Get Your Truck Winter Ready

It’s time to prepare your truck for another harsh winter season. With temperatures that range from bitterly cold – freeze your nads off in under 30 seconds to the above-zero slush, over the next five months, your truck is going to drive through some pretty intense weather. Before the really cold weather sets in taking [...]

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Tips for Backing Up a Semi

Backing up a semi is one of the most difficult and challenging parts of a truck driver’s job. It is also one of the biggest causes of equipment and property damage. Learning how to back takes time and practice, but it also takes skill and planning. Like everything in trucking, the most important thing is [...]

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Are You Winter Ready?

With the recent storm blowing in across Alberta and Saskatchewan, now seems like a good time to get prepared for the winter months ahead. At Len Dubois Trucking we expect our drivers to be safe on the roads and this may mean shutting down instead of ploughing through dangerous driving conditions. However, shutting down with [...]

What Happens if my ELD Stops Working?

ELD's are no different than any other technology. They're great and reliable but not perfect or infallible. So, what happens when the brain of your satellite or your ELD stops working?

2017 – 2018 Winter Chain Up Info

Starting September 1, 2017, drivers will be required to start carrying a set of chains in the truck. Be sure to make some room for them as you will be required to carry them until May 31, 2018. As a general rule, Len Dubois Trucking's safety policy states that if chain up warnings go into [...]

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Facing DOT Inspections

DOT inspections are part of the daily life of a truck driver. Weigh stations and DOT Inspectors should not be feared. If you are running legal, as you should be; your equipment is well maintained and you have done your pre-trip inspection – getting through an inspection should be a breeze. Just as you have [...]

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