Coupling & Uncoupling from trailer safely

Hook up to, or unhook from, your trailer seems like a simple procedure. It is simple and routine. Simple everyday tasks can be dangerous when we get complacent and fail to follow proper procedures.

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Coming to a Road Near You: Spring Weight Restrictions

Spring road restrictions aren't in effect everywhere yet, but it will only be a matter of days before they are. It is important for all truck drivers to be prepared for detours, especially when making rural pickups and deliveries. It is also important to note that different jurisdictions and roads have different regulations, so while [...]

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How to Handle Break Downs like a Boss

Depending on how long you have been an over the road trucker, you probably already know that it is not a matter of if you will break down on the side of the road, but rather when. Even the best equipment that undergoes regular maintenance checks and routine daily inspections can break down. Breakdowns are [...]

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ELD ready – Great job by our team

December 18 will come and go as any other day for us because of the hard work and dedication of our drivers and our team. Becoming compliant with the ELD mandate hasn’t been easy. Our drivers have been professionals and have learned to adapt to the change. We’d like to thank them for working hard and making the changes that needed to be made. Great Job!

Perfect Gift for the Trucker on Your List

Picking the right gift can be a time consuming and difficult task. Let us help you find the perfect gift for the trucker on your list with these great gift ideas. Compact Microwave Oven A compact microwave oven is a great gift idea for truckers. It will help them save money on the road [...]

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Where to park if you don’t want to stay overnight near the Mexican Border

On occasion, we’ve heard from a few drivers who don’t like parking overnight in or near border towns if it can be avoided. It’s not universal as lots of drivers don’t have a problem parking there overnight – there are several large truck stops in each of those towns.

Watch Your Weight

Accurate and legal load weights are the responsibility of the truck driver, not the shipper. It is up to you, as a professional, to ensure that you don’t exceed the allowable weight limit for where you are. Know Your Limits in the U.S. For your average tandem tractor-trailer, your maximum gross vehicle weight is 80,000 [...]

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Trucking Round Up

Trucking News You May Have Missed There’s never a dull moment in trucking. Here are some things that have recently caught our eye in the trucking world.

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How to Avoid Downtime in Winter: the Do’s and Don’ts

In the trucking world, where every second counts, downtime is your worst enemy. Of course, this is true any time of the year but in winter there are additional causes of downtime that truckers have to contend with. Keep your downtime limited this winter with these helpful tips. Fuel DO Keep [...]

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Get Your Truck Winter Ready

It’s time to prepare your truck for another harsh winter season. With temperatures that range from bitterly cold – freeze your nads off in under 30 seconds to the above-zero slush, over the next five months, your truck is going to drive through some pretty intense weather. Before the really cold weather sets in taking [...]

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