The largest benefit to traveling with a companion animal for truckers is a decreased sense of loneliness and isolation. Truckers spend days, sometimes weeks, away from home and let’s face it, it’s a lonely lifestyle. Taking Fido, and yes even Fluffy, with you over the road will certainly bring you some company, provide you with means of caregiving and compassion every day and, for the most part, brighten your mood.

Human-Animal Bond

Many people believe that they obtain health benefits from relationships with their animal companions. Over the past 25 years, numerous studies have been performed to support the seemingly magical health benefits that Fido and Fluffy can provide to their human counterparts.

Among the Benefits, it has been studied, documented and proven that pet companionship can:

  • improve human cardiovascular health,
  • reduce stress,
  • lower anxiety
  • decrease loneliness and depression,
  • Enhance dopamine and endorphin levels (hormones associated with happiness).
  • facilitate social interactions among people who choose to have pets.

Trucker Dogs

Choosing a dog to take over the road with you needs some special considerations. If you already own a pet, how would they adjust to life on the road? If you plan on taking your family pet, how will your family feel about that?

The Perfect Trucker Dogs are generally:

  • Small to Medium dogs (50 lbs and under). Remember, you only have so much room in the truck and big dogs require more space.
  • Short haired dogs shed less which means less clean-up and maintenance.
  • Lazy breeds or older dogs tend to transition to trucker life easier than active dogs.

Adding a Pet to the Mix

Truck drivers face grueling daily schedules, and only you can decide if there is room for a pet in your life. Walking, feeding, potty breaks, play time and more will all need to be added to your schedule. If you are having a difficult time being alone on the road, the mental health benefits of a companion may far outweigh the time demands.

Many trucking companies now realize the value of traveling with a companion animal and allow their drivers to bring pets with them over the road. Of course, if you’re an Owner Operator, the decision is yours alone.