It is no secret that Len Dubois Trucking puts a strong emphasis on safety. We are committed to it, and we expect our drivers to be committed to it too. When we talk about safety, we are talking about driving safely, sharing the roadways safely with other motorists, and keeping our drivers safe while they are over-the-road.

Here are some articles we’ve written about safety over the years. Take some time to read through them; you may learn something new, or it may just be a great refresher.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month and well we all know we shouldn’t text or use our cell phones while we are driving, there may be a bigger culprit in our midst. When we think of distracted driving, talking on cell phones and texting
Ensuring that your cargo is secure behind the locked doors of the trailer is important for a variety of reasons. It prevents: Damage to our clients? freight; Loads from shifting; and Lose objects from falling from the vehicle in a collision. Improperly secured freight is also a
Driving is very much a visual task, so what is a driver to do when the visibility is reduced? The best advice for driving in fog is? don’t, but we all know that just isn’t?t possible most of the time. So, when you get caught out
We have few regular stops in 2 Texas border cities with Mexico ? Laredo and the Pharr/McAllan area. On occasion, we?ve heard from a few drivers who don?t like parking overnight in or near border towns if it can be avoided. It?s not universal as lots