Are you interested in truck driving work, but not interested in crossing the Canada-US border?  Len Dubois Trucking has some openings for drivers who want domestic Canadian work only.

This is great news for many people.  We know that there are plenty of drivers who, for a wide range of reasons, don’t wish to work in the US.  If your license status is good in Canada and you’re an Owner/Operator, we’ve got opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Len Dubois Trucking is a family owned operation.  Every day, we endeavour to measure up to the vision of our founder, who grew the company from a one man/one truck business into one of Manitoba’s leading motor freight companies.  We believe that our strength lies in the relationships we forge with all the people that we do business with.  As a result, our company drivers, owner/operators, and customers are all treated like members of our extended family.

Many companies aren’t interested in drivers that want to do specific types of work – you agree to take what they give you, or you don’t work for them. We don’t believe this inflexibility is in anyone’s best interest, so we’ve decided to offer these opportunities for people who want only domestic runs.  We recognize that some of the best drivers out there would find a benefit in it, and we want the best to come work for us.

Len Dubois Trucking is looking for the right people to come work with us as Owner/Operators.  If you think we’re a good fit, call us at 204-783-2797 (Toll Free 888-590-2760), or choose the  “Chat” link from our home page today.