Deal with Aggressive Drivers & Road Rage Like a Professional

At Len Dubois Trucking safety is our number one priority. We are a Winnipeg trucking company who operates through Canada most parts of the United States. Our drivers are experienced professionals who are expected to operate safely. Safety is a team effort! Dangerous Drivers As long haul truck drivers we drive a lot of miles [...]

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Entertainment on the Road – Podcasts

Submitted by Jeremy Derricks Trucking involves long hours of driving. It gets boring on the open road. It's obvious drivers will play some sort of audio for entertainment to occupy the time. Radio is the most readily available source of entertainment and news. It's a must for local traffic and weather reports. The success of [...]

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Working for a Good Trucking Company is up to You

Submitted by Jeremy Derricks Working for a good trucking company and working for a bad one has something in common - it's on you, the driver. This is your career and you need to take control of it. Part of it is having a good outlook and working well with others to do your job. Another [...]

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New Driver Testimonial Video – Drive with a Trucking Company Who Values You!

See what drivers are saying about one of Winnipeg’s best trucking companies. Len Dubois Trucking recently sat down with some of their driving team to ask them what they thought about the company. Find out what they had to say in this video. Drive for a company that values you. Drive for Len Dubois Trucking [...]

Four Things You Should Know Before Your Spouse Enters Trucking

Guest Post by Cyndie Derricks Four things you should know before your spouse becomes a truck driver It get’s easier with time At first the absence of your spouse can seem almost threatening. The person that you have come to depend on is no longer just around the corner. They’re not there to give you [...]

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Truck Drivers First Day In – From A Driver

Guest Post by Jeremy Derricks Oh, it's great to be home. But when you first start out in trucking there is an adjustment. It's sometimes missed and can cause problems. Before you know it, you and your spouse are fighting. One cause of frustration is the disruption caused when you return. It may be an [...]

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Learn the Lingo: All in a Day's Work

You wake up, grab some go-go juice, get your comic book in order, and hit the super slab. 10 miles down the road you pay the cash box and continue down I90. 2 hours into your day you start getting a little board so you put your ears on. As you continue to drive you [...]

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Why Your Husband Should Drive for Len Dubois Trucking

Submitted by Cindy Derricks I’ll be brief. Your husband should work for Len Dubois Trucking simply because they are the best trucking company in Winnipeg. Okay, so that was the short answer. If you don’t believe me then here’s the long winded explanation. Nearly 13 years ago Jeremy passed his test and came home with [...]

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A Trucker's Guide to Packing for the Road

Living in a semi can sometimes seem like a balancing act. There is only so much room in the cab and no way to renovate to make more. One common question that a lot of our new drivers ask us is “What exactly should we bring in with us?” We’ve put together a check list [...]

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Dedicated to Trucking Families

Jack Meet Jack, an OTR driver. It's morning just before he wakes for a busy day. He's 3 days into his run. He went from Winnipeg, MB out west to Seattle, WA. Today he has two deliveries then he needs to get to Oregon for a reload tomorrow morning. His alarm goes off at 8am; [...]

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