At Len Dubois Trucking safety is our number one priority. We are a Winnipeg trucking company who operates through Canada most parts of the United States. Our drivers are experienced professionals who are expected to operate safely. Safety is a team effort!

Dangerous Drivers

As long haul truck drivers we drive a lot of miles and we deal with aggressive divers almost daily. Aggressive drivers and road rage are serious safety concerns and they make our roadways less safe. Aggressive driving includes tailgating, speeding, unsafe lane changes, inappropriate use of lights or horn, inappropriate gestures, and actions to intimidate others on the road.

Aggressive driving increases our risk of an accident or collision. It’s our responsibility, as professionals, to conduct ourselves in a safe and professional way at all times. No one thinks their actions will end in a fatal accident – until it happens. It’s our responsibility to avoid unnecessary risks. It only takes one bad decision and a fraction of a second to hurt someone or be hurt ourselves.

Aggressive Drivers

Below is a video of a girl who is an extremely aggressive driver with little ability to merge into traffic. She describes a road rage incident where she intentionally cuts off a truck repeadly (of course nothing is her fault and she sees nothing wrong with talking on the phone during the entire incident).

The description of the truck drivers reaction is a concern as well. While her actions were extremely dangerous and immature; his reaction to her was equally dangerous. The bottom line is the truck driver is a professional and should have let it go. We see four-wheelers with questionable skills behind the wheel all the time and obscene gestures can only escalate an already dangerous situation.

**NSFW. The following video contains coarse language.**

Here are some tips to avoid aggressive driving situations:

  • Don’t take it personally. Be polite, even if the other driver is not.
  • Keep your eyes on the road. Don’t provoke an aggressive driver further by making negative eye contact or gestures.
  • Always be a courteous driver. Set an example for other drivers by always being courteous and driving safely.
  • Report incidents of aggressive driving. Contact the local police if someone’s driving is putting others at risk.
  • The number one tip is… drum roll, please… defensive driving. Keep your distance and exaggerate your following distance, drive at situation appropriate speeds, yield, look ahead and anticipate. You can avoid bad situations and be in a better position to avert disaster, if someone messes up around you, by driving defensively.

Remember, we are the big dogs on the road. A wise man might well have once said, “With big truck, comes big responsibility.”