Everyone likes photos! And we assume that people in trucking like photos from the road – I know we do. So, today we’ll have some fun and share some more trucking photos our drivers have sent us.

Serguei takes some really good scenic shots, like this one, while trucking through California.


Winnipeg trucker at Kennedy Space Center Florida

Jeremy took this shot while at the Kennedy Space Center, FL.

Trucking and unloading at a marina

Trucking takes you to some unusual place. Here, Trevor unloading at a marina in Ontario.

Driving in Utah

In todays story, Trevor plays the role of Mack. :)

Len Dubois Trucking working hard.

Fred working hard somewhere in the south-west

Trucking in Alberta

Eric at a regular client in Exshaw, Alberta

Trucking in Naples, FL

Robert working hard in Naples, FL

Trucking in St. Louis

Thanks to Ryan for sending us this shot from St. Louis, MO.

Dubois, ID

Had to laugh when Trevor sent us this one from Dubois, ID.

Colouring contest

We held a colouring contest for passes to the Children's Museum. Thanks to everyone who entered.

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